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Bristol Palin 2014 Famous Brawl

Bristol Palin as born in 1990 and she is an American public orator and the oldest of Sarah Palin’s daughters. In 2010 she accepted to compete in the reality show Dancing With the Stars and she became very popular. People liked her personality and her skills and she reached the third place. In 2011 she released her memoirs: Not Afraid So Far which was very sold. In 2012 she participated in Dancing with the Stars and Bristol Pain.

Bristol palin 2014 year was different, all her family was involved in a fight when celebrating Todd Palin’s birthday. They were in Alaska and there are pictures and audios of them speaking to the policy. In the pictures, we see the famous family hurt and in one of audios we can hear Bristol sobbing while giving testimony. The fight seems to have started when someone cursed on the Palins at the party but no charges has been pressed.

Today, Bristol Palin confirmed she expecting the third child and du in spring. It will be her second child with Dakota Meyer. The couple have married in June 2016, six month after Sailor Meyer birth. You can see how her belly progresses in different pictures if you follow her in any social media.