16th international
Metropolis conference
12>>16 September 2011



It is with great pleasure that I welcome to the Azores all the participants in the 16th International Metropolis Conference. We are honoured to be hosting such an important and renowned forum where migration phenomenon is debated in an interdisciplinary perspective.

In a period when the issue of human mobility highlights its importance on a global scale, the Azorean Government, like many other institutions, has sought to develop more effective measures in addressing the needs of migrants. We offer, therefore, all possible support in the places of departure and arrival, considering crucial the integration of each individual in the host community.

Azorean communities abroad have become more aware of themselves more developed, better integrated and at the same time closer to their origins, keeping alive the heritage of the past and participating actively in their tasks of dual citizenship. Their imprint in the Azores of today is very important.
This is therefore a good moment to reflect on key issues such as human mobility, considering it both on a global scale and on an Azorean specific dimension. Good work.


Carlos César
President of the Azorean Government

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